TOWER is dedicated to making your life easier. We pride ourselves on delivering the broadest range of self-adhesive product with the highest quality to meet your every need.

TOWER provides the most technologically advanced
inkjet-laser labels and superior quality range of photo
paper in Southern Africa. TOWER A4 label templates are preloaded on Microsoft Word 2007 onwards.

TOWER has an extensive range of multi-purpose products
have been developed to cater for the office and business environment. This range is the core business of TOWER and speaks to business owners, business professionals and
home-based businesses.

Our home category offers quick, functional and convenient solutions for the home. The product range for this category
is fun, trendy and aims to give the consumer creative, inspirational and easy-to-use products in the home.
The range speaks to homeowners, craft fanatics and
trendy moms.

The TOWER Scholastic range focuses on benefitting
teachers, schools and students using various
self-adhesive products.

TOWER’s Signage range has taken bulk
manufactured signs and translated it to retail,
ensuring signage is available directly to the
consumer. The signage range has fun,
informational and compliant solutions available
in various materials.

TOWER Kids has developed and designed products to stimulate and encourage learning. These products focus on specific learning areas and each product displays the
learning focus by use of an icon.

TOWER Downloads

Get TOWER Label templates, for your version of Microsoft Word, sent to you in a flash! Download TOWER A4 Templates, pre-designed labels or business card templates and make your life easier

TOWER A4 Templates

TOWER Pre-Designed Label

TOWER Business Card


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