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Get Ready For The Holiday Season With Fun Christmas Crafts For Kids

South Africa, 2022 – School holidays mean fun for the kids. With the festive season just around the corner, it can be challenging to keep kids entertained during the long school holidays. However, with a bit of creativity, there are plenty of fun activities you…

TOWER’s Christmas Labels: Making Your Gift-Giving Complete!

South Africa, 2022 – As December 25th nears, the holiday season is in full swing. With the flurry of activity and celebrations comes the daunting task of gifting, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming..

TOWER World's range of Christmas labels
Turrim acquires Badges for Africa

Turrim International Acquires Badges For Africa

South Africa, 2022 – Turrim International (home of South Africa’s leading office stationery supplier, TOWER) has welcomed Badges For Africa to its fold. Turrim’s group of brands provides personalised solutions for customers to be used in businesses, schools, and homes. The acquisition of Badges for Africa, therefore, became a natural fit for the group…

Decrease Your Stress With These 7 Simple Habits

South Africa, 2022 – Is your desk a little cluttered? We’ve all been there. Desk organization is often difficult for many of us that work from home or at an office.

Admin Professionals Day

Five Ways To Show Your Appreciation For Admin Professionals Day

South Africa, 2022 – It’s important to take time on Admin Professionals day to show appreciation for those unsung office heroes that work tirelessly behind the scenes. Take some inspiration from these ideas and get creative with your team so they know how much they mean to you.

How To Set Up An Effective Reward System For Kids

South Africa, 2022 – Rewards systems are the simplest way for parents to say good job! And they work wonders in encouraging good behavior.

Click on the below link to learn more about how to set up an effective reward system for kids.

TOWER reward chart on wall

7 Tips On How To Organise A Desk for Maximum Productivity

South Africa, 2022 – Is your desk a little cluttered? We’ve all been there. Desk organization is often difficult for many of us that work from home or at an office. But the thing is though, a cluttered workspace can overwhelm & interrupt your train of thought…

5 Tips For Parents On How To Beat Those Hectic Mornings

South Africa, 2022 – Here are five tips on how to beat those busy mornings for parents who always feel rushed and would like to be more organised in the mornings.

Personalise, preview and print your labels with TOWER

South Africa, 2022 – TOWER, South Africa’s trusted name in labels, has launched an easy-to-use online portal that enables small businesses and home consumers to create their own labels. Better still, they can choose between using their own printers, or having their creations professionally printed and delivered.

SA success story: TOWER reaches Amazon UK’s digital shelves

South Africa, 2021 – In May 2021, leading South African self-adhesive products brand TOWER launched their range on the proverbial shelves of online retailer giant, Amazon.

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TOWER A4 printable labels evolve along with changing printer market

South Africa, 2021 – South African self-adhesive products brand TOWER has continually adjusted the makeup of its A4 printable label range over the past 28 years to ensure compatibility with evolving desktop printer and high-volume copier technology.

TOWER acquires Sandart to take leading SA products to the world.

South Africa, 2021 – Leading office stationery supplier TOWER, acquired local business Sandart on 1 April 2021 in a strategic move to diversify their home product portfolio and take a local niche product to all four corners of the globe.

TOWER Sand Art
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