Christmas envelope designs

If you’re looking to do something a little more personal with your Christmas gifting, then keep reading! Here’s what you will need: TOWER round labels (32mm) TOWER stickers (various) Envelopes Markers Sellotape and A4 paper (optional) Step 1: Take out/fold the different envelopes you want to use and write messages on them with different markers.

TOWER World Christmas bunting

Whether you’re looking for a fun holiday activity or are trying to save on decorations, this DIY Christmas bunting project will add a dose of cheer to your household. Here’s what you will need: TOWER round labels (80mm) Card in your Christmas colours Markers Scissors Punch Ribbon/string TOWER Kids teachers range fun stars (optional) Step

How to make a family tree

Whether you are helping your kids with a school assignment or doing research into your family as a personal project, a family tree is a fun and creative task. Here’s what you’ll need: TOWER multipurpose labels A2 card Paint and paintbrushes Family photos Scissors Pencil Step 1: scan in and resize your family photos, then

Junior Brand Manager

An exciting new opportunity has opened up at TOWER Cape Town. The TOWER brand manufactures and markets a range of self-adhesive office, home and kids’ activities through respected retailers in Southern Africa and other countries. TOWER seeks a highly self-motivated, inquisitive and persistent individual who will be responsible for effectively driving the development and promotion

DIY Halloween Bunting

Halloween is a good opportunity for you and your kids to get in some decent arts and crafts time. Here’s how you can make fun and easy bunting using some of our favourite TOWER Kids products. Here’s what you will need: • TOWER creative foil multipack • TOWER multipurpose labels • Black card • Ribbon
Early childhood is a crucial stage in both psychological and physical development, which is why it is imperative that parents and caretakers seize every possible chance for learning. One of these opportunities for learning that frequently goes unappreciated is water play. Here are some ways supervised water play will help your child’s development. Social and
With all the expectations of businesses regarding safety, ensure that your business has all the necessary signage to keep operations running smoothly and effectively. In the work environment, it is imperative that employees as well as visitors are aware of what is going on around them and can navigate through the premises. Signage in the

Staying motivated

No matter what your job or where you work, at some point your motivation will flag. Lack of motivation may be caused by anything from a slower-than-average work week to serious job burnout. The key is to get to the source of your feelings and take immediate steps to boost your motivation. Following are some
It’s that time of year when we start thinking about what we are going to do for our summer holidays, so if you are going to go away then use our planning tips to help avoid unwanted vacation headaches! 1. Carefully organise: To save a lot of hassle, stay organized. Keep every confirmation number. Keep
How organised do you want to be? Well, we made TOWER Freezer Labels for your convenience. Ever think about your drive home as your day comes to an end? We all do. And in that time the biggest question is what’s for dinner? As you mull over takeaways for the third time this week, you