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5 Tips For Parents On How To Beat Those Hectic Mornings

Mom packing lunch for child

Are you a busy parent who also:

  • Often forgets items at home that you and the kids will need for work or school?
  • Struggles to get everyone to the door on time?
  • Always feels rushed and would like to be more organised and less stressed in the mornings?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then check out the 5 tips listed below that you can use as a checklist to beat those busy mornings and leave the house on time.

5 Tips To For Busy Mornings

1. Gather everything the night before
To make mornings less hectic, lay out everyone’s outfits (including yours) the night before. Also make sure to pack their bags, lunches, and other essential items before you go to sleep and place everything in a specified location for easy access.
Clothes laid out on bed

2. Meal Prep

Avoid the morning rush and clean up by preparing breakfast and lunch the night before or during the weekend. You just have to freeze these so they can last a while, just make sure you label each container to write the contents and date for the food. 

Try the TOWER Freezer Labels with convenient space to write in a date and contents, making your frozen goods neat, legible, and easy to identify. These labels are both waterproof and freezer safe. They can be removed without leaving any residue behind.
Breakfast oats for meal prep

3. Wake up 30 – 45 minutes before your kids This will prevent you from running around trying to get everyone including yourself ready, and you’ll be more focused on helping them get ready while you’re set to go.

4. Ignore your phone until you’re ready to go
This will cut out time wasted from your morning routine. If you really need to check your phone, schedule 10 minutes before you wake up the kids to go through your emails and messages.

5. Set up a family station by the door
This will be your one-stop shop where you’ll put jackets, backpacks, your bag, keys, calendars, and everything you’ll need in the morning. So you know where they are and can quickly grab them as you head out the door.
Family station by the door

We hope that these tips will help you feel in control of your daily experiences and help you stay focused on your tasks while being a reasonably pleasant parent!

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